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The Time Warner Cable is that whenever I hear about huge businesses that have their hands in a lot of things at once, I am always interested to recognize a little bit about the history of the business. The company I surprise about is Time Warner Cable. Appears that no matter where you look, you see nearly that narrates to them in some way. Who are they though and what is there to know about them? Here is a little bit about Time Warner Cable that could help you with who they are and what they do.

Time Warner Cable

The company helps mostly the southern part of the United States. Formed originally in 1989, Time Warner Cable is now a partition of AOL Time Warner. In the most elementary sense, Time Warner Cable is a company based in United States that offers cable television service, high speed internet access, and facilities for video on request in a little more than half of the states.

For Time Warner Cable, 2005 was a big year. Back in April, Time Warner Cable put out a new three-way play package. They presented Ordinal Cable, high speed internet access and even digital phones for their cable customers. As a result, their subscriber totals improved intensely. At the end of June in 2005, they had about 5.2 million consumers in the United States. By the finish of September of the same year, that amount had gone up to about 5.2 million customers. It is quite a jump for Time Warner Cable in a fairly small extent of time.

Time Warner Cable locations

In addition to all of the facilities they afford, Time Warner Cable also has its hand in a number of other things. They have ownership money in athletic arenas, athletic players, and further real estate as well. All in all, Time Warner Cable is a great and dominant company. In their Austin, Texas location in 1999, Time Warner Cable started testing video-on-demand equipment. After that, they activated providing movies on request service to subscribers on a trial basis during 2000. At that time, in 2001, Time Warner Cable offered the service in extra locations. Finally, as of the last of 2003, Time Warner Cable was offering their video on request service to all 31 of its divisions.

Time Warner Cable TV

If you are into sports, then there is nothing that you can compare to digital cable from Time Warner. What most sports fans do not recognize is that Direct TV is not the only company that offers an NFL package, a NCAA package, and other sports packages. You get a clear picture in high quality through the entire game with no chance of losing your signal half way through or at an essential part. You just have to ask and they will provide you with what you are after. The best part about this is with cable you never have to concern about your satellite losing signal because it won't.

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